A-Grade Dog Training
“Achieving the best results for you and your dog”

About A-Grade:

Having trained in Dog Training Instruction (APDT) and as a member of The Guild of Dog Trainers (GoDT) and the Pet Professional Guild (PPG) we believe in using only kind and effective training (see Training Methods) - giving your dog a positive experience he will learn through and enjoy.

Our understanding of dogs, their behaviour and the training methods we use is continually evolving, and as a commitment to lifelong learning we regularly update our professional development by ongoing study and attendance at relevant courses & conferences.

Ultimately, owning a dog should be a pleasure - for both owners and their dogs - but this can prove difficult if your dog is not well trained, or displays inappropriate or unacceptable behaviour. So whether you have a new puppy you'd like to be well trained from the start, or a dog who pulls you on the lead, jumps up, nips/mouths, is aggressive to other dogs, won't come back to you, etc - We're here to help.

Sandra M Cowe MGoDT, MPPG