A-Grade Dog Training
“Achieving the best results for you and your dog”

Training Methods:

Only positive and kind training methods, often with the use of a "clicker". What is clicker training? This is a way of marking and rewarding your dog's desirable behaviours (such as coming back to you each time you call). Using the psychology of positive reinforcement, your dog learns that he is rewarded for doing what you want. A widely used, modern training method, clicker training is acknowledged as an effective and enjoyable way for your dog to learn which is fast, simple and fun. Positive training methods can also be used to deal with more complex behavioural problems (more on this in the "Home Training" section)

Note: We never use negative, aversive or punitive training methods - so no choke chains, alpha rolling, water bombs etc. will be recommended for, or used on your dog.

(Please go to Links for more information on clicker training, its origins, applications, etc)